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Welcome to PT. Ladangbaja Murni Tbk

PT. Ladangbaja Murni Tbk is one of the steel distributors and steel derivatives with the designation of moulds.
We provide comprehensive services, from the supply of raw materials, design, production, trial,
aftersales, repair. We also provide various mold machine spare parts and other supporting equipment.

What Sets Us Apart?

Various industries that use our moulds consist of various sectors such as the plastics,
automotive, manufacturing, consumer goods, and other industries.
Having been tested for 3 decades as a player in the mould industry by combining superior
knowledge, proven technical expertise, we excel in:

  1. Good Reputation
    The Company is known to have a good reputation and performance among many other similar
    companies. We can maintain our existence and further expand our line of business.
  2. Comprehensive Services
    We are one of the largest local companies playing in the mould industry. Our machines consist of
    various types of machines, such as CNC Milling, Manual CNC, Grinding, Lathe, Drill, Die Spotting.
    Besides that, we also have a large supply of Mould Base, Steel for Mould and Mould Spareparts,
    and others.